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Posted on March 11th, 2010 by Vic in Senior Fitness Exercises

You can find specific bodybuilding workouts that should be incorporated within the instruction regimen for senior citizens. Keep in mind that the workouts should be considered as intention on aiding the older individuals regain or preserve their wellness and physical fitness. They ought to incorporate four distinct kinds of workouts namely:

* Weight lifting workouts for strength (Preserve an intensity level in between low and medium

* Balance workouts that energize physical fitness (Ideally done utilizing free weights i.e. side leg raises)

* Stretching workouts for flexibility

* Endurance workouts that last longer though a small intensity i.e. jogging, walking, swimming or riding a bicycle.

For these workouts, two work out sessions of 40 minutes every is going to be ideal. In most cases, a senior citizen is advised to contract an exercise trainer or a minimum of to consult one regularly. This will make sure that his or her bodybuilding plan is comprehensive, risk-free and helpful. Which means that they can create a work out schedule like the following:


* Pre-workout warm up – five minutes

* Endurance workouts – 15 Minutes

* balance workouts for – 15 minutes

* Post work out warm up – five minutes


* Pre-workout warm up – five minutes

* Stretching workouts – 15 Minutes

* Weight workouts for – 15 minutes

* Post work out warm up – five minutes

Two people can not create a similar bodybuilding regimen. Aged adults should design their own plan based on:

* Age

* Physique strength

* History within the fitness center

* Medical status of wellness

* Physique fat ratio

* Daily activity levels

* Diet plan

* Diet supplementation


You can find some specific issues that have to be considered even as the plan takes off. Lets us regard these as safety tips which will assist senior citizens in deriving maximal advantages from bodybuilding instruction despite advance in age. Here they’re:

* Consult the physician prior to initiating any bodybuilding instruction and severally whilst about the plan

* The light activities ought to often begin a instruction session and also the intensity ought to then improve gradually

* Warm ups are a should prior to and right after a instruction session

* Keep the physique well hydrated prior to, during and right after workouts

* Rest durations should be a minimum of 72 hours long

* Correct dressing and protective gear should often be worn whilst within the fitness center or about the track

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