Exercise ideas For Senior Citizens

Posted on February 8th, 2010 by Vic in Senior Fitness & Nutrition Tips, Senior Fitness Exercises

Workouts can assist seniors manage their physical fitness and maintain their body flexible as well. Since most of workouts developed for the old individuals are light and simple to complete, they’ll able to perform them on a normal basis. Additionally, numerous difficulties, for example anxiety, age-related conditions and tension, experienced by senior citizens could be controlled by indulging in normal exercise. If you’re a senior citizen, searching for some simple workouts to complete on a normal basis, this article is correct for you. Read the next few lines and find out about risk-free workouts for senior citizens.

Risk-free & Simple Workouts For Older Individuals

Brisk Walking

Walking can be an easy and also a risk-free exercise for individuals of all ages. Aside from getting the entire body flexible, fairly fast walking, for approximately half an hour in the morning and evening, can keep old individuals healthy and fit. Based upon their capability to walk briskly, they need to set a time limit for the exercise.


It’s a fact that Yoga can cure numerous age-related health conditions. ‘Pranayam’ and meditation are advised best for senior citizens. These workouts have a recovery impact on someone’s soul. The age-old technique also maintains a sense of balance between the body and mind. Aside from decreasing stress, Yoga allows a person control of high blood pressure and blood sugar level. It stimulates flexibility and offers a great amount of relaxation also.

Lightweight Training Workouts

Seniors can obtain training, in performing lightweight workouts, with a trainer. To start with, they might practice light weight hand weights and weight lifting. Lightweight training workouts would enhance good health, aside from increasing the metabolism rate and also flexibility of the body.


The physical activities incorporated into aerobics firm up the body’s muscles and increase flexibility to them at the same time. Furthermore, it results in an improvement in blood flow. Aerobics in addition strengthens the breathing process, by pumping in adequate quantity of oxygen. You might do the aerobic workouts for half an hour, a minimum of three times a week. Ensure that you choose mild workouts only.

Endurance Workouts

Endurance workouts like climbing a couple of stairs, cycling and swimming are suited to seniors. They might gradually enhance the duration of these workouts, based upon their amount of tolerance. While climbing stairs could be done daily, they could swim or go for a cycle ride one time in three days or perhaps a week.

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